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Most Popular ugly dogs in the world so Ugliest with Picture Collection

Ugly dogs you don’t know how is they look, As we can improve look by Dog Breeds selector but ugliest dog in the world really amazing, You don’t know but they also contest too. Who don’t love puppies, there may be people who are feared of them, but still may love them in the depths of the heart. There are many dog lovers around the world.

Few people loves dog so much that they write their will on the name of their pet dog. Few people are so much head over heels in love with their dogs that they treat the dog just like a family member, they name them, wash them, buy them clothes, buy them accessories, provide a separate room, separate bed, celebrate its birthday etc.

Ugliest dog 

Few people may call it as madness, but it is a type of love too. One has to know that even dogs are living things on the earth. Even they are taking the air we are taking and they are drinking the water we are drinking. In fact, dogs are much better in human beings when comes to loyalty. They are best named for their loyalty of their owner.

Just like in human beings there are ugly looking people and beautiful looking people, even in dogs there are beautiful looking dogs and ugly looking dogs. Instead of making fun of God’s creation, whether it is beautiful or ugly we as human beings have to celebrate and thank God for giving us such beautiful lives to lead. So in order to spread a positive word to the entire world few dog lovers in California have decided to conduct a contest for ugly dogs in the world and award them with price money and a trophy.

Ugly dog contest 2017

This contest is called as World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, which will be held every year in Petaluma, California as a part of Sonoma Marin Fair. This contest ranks the dogs depending on their ugliness and awards the dogs.

As this is a positive move in order to spread this positive word to the entire word, wide media coverage of this contest will be provided and the channel Animal Planet will telecast this event every year being the sponsor of this event.

In order to judge the dogs ugliness in the contest there will be judges who are mostly celebs especially who are dog lovers. Even celebs host this contest every year. As this contest is to decide the ugliest dog in the entire world dogs from all parts of the world are eligible to participate in this contest. There will be nearly 2000 to 3000 audience that attend to this event every year.

Most Popular ugly dogs in the world with ugly dog Picture 

Even people can vote the ugliest dog by going into the World’s Ugliest Dog Voting Gallery page in the Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds and Even Center. You can find the pictures of all the dogs who are contesting for the ugliest dog competition. Let us see the Worlds ugliest dogs that have participated in the contest and won the title of World’s ugliest dog.

1. Quasi Modo

In the contest of World’s Ugliest Dog conducted in 2015, Quasi Modo who is 10-year-old pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix was titled as the world’s ugliest dog. It is short-spined, mixed-breed dog from Florida. The judges scored the dogs depending on first impression, unusual attributes, natural ugliness, personality and audience poll that was taken thorough the website of the event.

Picture of ugly dogs in the world

2. Sweepee Ramboo Ugliest Dog

Sweepee Ramboo is a Chinese crested Chihuahua, which is the first runner-up in the contest. She takes the pride of her baby soft freckled skin and legendary blond Mohawk. In its bio it said that it is slowing down because of its age and it’s both eyes have gone blind and it wears doggie depends. It proudly says that it is lucky to have a dad who takes good care of her.

Picture of ugly dogs in the world

3. Frodo

Frodo is the second-runner up in the world’s ugliest contest. This is a 12 ½ year old five pound Chinese Crested Hairless/Chihuahua mix. It lives in Sparks Nevada which was adopted by now owners when it was 10 weeks old. Frodo has a bright orange hair and the owners of it called it as princess.

Picture of ugly dogs in the world

4. Rascal really Ugly Dog

Chinese crested Rascal Deux is from San Francisco Bay Area. Rascal own two championships in two other major Ugly Dog Contests at its debut itself. It is a four-year-old, rescued hairless, crazy critter, with Einstein hair, crooked face, and almost with not much teeth. It comes from “Ugly dog royalty”. It has a great grand history of ugliness from his forefather and mothers who won many world titles, awards and rewards for their ugliness.

5. Pork

Pork is a 13-year-old pure-bred Chihuahua who hails from Petaluma, California. Pork is very shy-types and it is the first contest ever for it. It loves to hang out in the kitchen and scrounge for table scraps.

Picture of ugly dogs in the world

6. Andre

Andre is a 7-year-old who loves to eat, sleep and play with its family members and other pets in the house. It has participated in the World’s Ugliest Dog competition before.

7. Icky Ugly dogs

Icky is a 6-year-old Chinese crested dog, who shared a kiss with the owner at the World’s Ugliest Dog contest. He was rescued from a hoarding situation in Butte Country, California. He has appeared in movies, magazine covers and most recently went to Hollywood to shoot an international Ray Ban Ad. He feels happy when he meets his fans and while eating funnel cakes.

8. Reggie

Reggie has participated in this competition earlier and this is his 7th attempt now. Reggie has a long tongue and a Mohawk that is almost equal to the length of its body.

Picture of ugly dogs in the world

9. Chuy Ugly dogs

Chuy is also named as Prince Chuburto Jesus Kowell. It lives in North California. Chuy is a rescue dog with hairless mix who hails from Tennessee. Chuy’s mother is a disabled and it likes to pull her wheelchair and dance whenever she wavesher fingers in the air. It says in the bio that “Basically I am thrilled to be alive”. It eats a lot of salmon oil in its every meal to look beautiful.

Picture of ugly dogs in the world

10. Monkey

Monkey is a two-year-old Chinese crested/Brussels Griffon mix. It is the third year for Monkey to take part in this contest. It was rescued from hording situation. It has long hairless model legs. It is a happy dog and it enjoys going to dog park.

The main intention and motto behind conducting this contest is to encourage people to adopt dogs and to give dogs’ shelter, food, and freedom to enjoy and live life. It also spreads a positive word about looks.


One has to be beautiful at heart and just being beautiful outside with heart full of evil thoughts won’t do anything. So this is Ugly dogs collection, As we shared Ugly dogs pictures too, If you know any popular Ugly dogs also need listed this collection then tell us.

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