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How to write a cover Letter

How to write a cover letter for a resume? This article will help you to write a proper cover letter in a perfect format. This type is generally used when you want to go for a job.

A particular format is contended and you are requested to follow the format. It is basically a page document that you can send along with the document with resume attached in case you are looking for a job. Let me help you to know the format style in brief.
How to write a cover Letter with tips

How to write a cover Letter

The simple four steps make you learn writing a cover letter. Follow the instructions carefully.

How to write a cover Letter

Step 1- To start with, it is important to mention the contact information. You should include both the employer’s as well as your contact information. Provide the name, address, mobile number, and email address.

Step 2- The next step depends on to whom you are writing. Start the introduction part. I would not suggest starting addressing as Dear sir/madam, as it has become an old technique.

You can get innovative by calling the Company and making efforts to know the name of the manager to whom you are writing. This creates a great impression.

Also, introduce the details in the very first Para stating the position you are applying for.

The next Para should be written giving your other details like the schooling background, any achievements, your hobbies, your career goals etc…That could help the manager to know about you in little.

Step 3 – Make sure the second paragraph briefs about your experiences, skills, flexibility, and other details that basically gives your job description and change the paragraph and in the next Para,

Explain in short about how you could be helpful to the Company if selected and help to chive the goals.

Step 4 – Now, comes the ‘call of action’ part of the letter. Be kind enough to show a good gesture by thanking for bearing with you and show the interest of being in contact and show that you are actually interested in the job and ready for the interview.

Hence, a proper cover letter process is completed and follows the instructions to write a cover letter and get selected for the job. Make sure you don’t over long the letter and write in short giving the necessary information needed.


How to write a formal letter? A particular format is to be followed while writing a formal letter to government departments or business departments.

It is completely professionally based and it is advised to type the letter using softwares like Microsoft Word. Follow few steps and instructions to learn the process.


Step 1– To get started, the first thing to ensure is that you write your address and the date at the very top of the page. Write it on the left side of the page. Do not use any short cuts and give proper details like if writing a date, write it in this form 3 November 2015.

Step 2 next step is to write the name and address of the recipient. Give complete details like the name and address information for the person you are writing to.

Step 3 – then comes the greeting part. Greet the recipient with Dear and add their name ahead and ensure you address the complete name.

In case you do not know the name, you can also address their designation that describes their job’s title. Still, if you do not know their job’s title, you can still address a formal salutation by writing Dear sir/madam.

Step 4 – starts writing the letter giving the information and details with a clear statement of purpose and do not use any short cuts or abbreviations. It should be completely in a formal way and in short.

Do not include many words and ensure the spelling and grammar errors aren’t there any. Also, avoid repetition of words. And if the letter is long, write it in paragraphs.

Step 5 – Now at the ending part, use a complimentary close and end the letter on a good note. For example, yours faithfully, kindest regards, best wishes,

Yours sincerely and leave about four spaces between and writhe your full name in the next line. It is compulsory to sign the letter after getting the print and us a black or a blue ink.

Step 6 – If you are looking ahead to post the letter, then fold the printed letter three times equally making sure the folded one fits in the envelope.

Step 7 – You are advised to write the address on the envelope of the recipient. However, this can be optional also and writing the return of the letter address can also be optional.

Hence, it takes you to follow few steps to know the procedure and follow the style. It is also easy and it’s not any rocket science. The basic formats are however thought in schools but still if you have forgotten, this article will help you with it. The complete process of writing a formal letter is completed.


How to write a resignation letter? Hello, friends. If you are planning to resign your current job and confused to how to write a resignation? Then, you need not worry as this guideline will help you with it.

It’s always better to known when to move on. It’s a sign of success. It’s always better to resign on good terms and conditions. No matter what might be the reason behind you leaving the job,

It’s advisable to be polite and professional as it leaves a good remark for future. Simple steps are guided below to write in a proper format.

Step 1 – To get started, make sure you keep in mind your terms with your boss. Start addressing the contact information along with the date on the left-hand side. Give the information of your bosses like the name and address.

Step 2 – Now, be specific with your intension to resign not leaving any second thought in your boss’s head that you are actually looking for a hike or new position and so this is the technique followed by you.

Be clear with your words emphasizing on the reason to quit. Could be like, “i hereby submit my resignation as…” or “Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from my position as….” It’s always better start in an n requesting manner rather than going in a demanding way.

Step 3 – As a sign of courtesy; submit the notice within some span of time so that it gets easy for the company to fill your replacement.

A minimum of at least 15 days’ time prior notice should be submitted. You should also mention your last working date in the notice clearly indicating the quitting date.

Step 4 – It’s up to you to mention the actually and clear reason behind leaving your job. Make sure you do not pro long the matter and just cut short the words.

Make sure about the spelling and grammatical errors while writing or typing. Make sure the format includes paragraphs with not more than 4-5 statements in each paragraph.

Step 5 – It would also be great to mention that you are ready to make some effort to train the person appointed as your replacement. It’s a human kindness gesture from your side. However, it’s optional.

Step 6 – Exaggerate your working experience appreciating the confidence you had in your job and thank your boss or the company for the growth in you.

And make sure the ending part of the notice is ended on a kind note and end by writing best regards, yours warmly, yours faithfully on the left hand side of the page along with your name beneath with a sign using a blue or black ink after printed.

Hence, this is the format to write a letter of recognition. Follow the instruction carefully and yes, the process is completed.


How to write a letter of recommendation?If you writing for the first time then need not worry as few instructions are to be followed. Let’s get started.

• To begin, make sure you follow the instruction as it’s very much needed. Write your address on the right side of the page at the top and just below that on the left write the recipient’s name and address. Use the formal greeting like Dear sir/madam in case you are not aware of the recipient’s name.

• Next thing to do is say positive about the person you are recommending. Do not state much description in detail as it looks fake. And also mention how you know the person you are recommending along with the person’s qualification, achievements, skills, career goals, and success.

• The best way to highlight the person’s achievements is to make comparisons as it might clearly get into the head of your boss and also mention his improvements skills and how the recommended person can be helpful for the company.

•  Make sure the texting used is simple and written in certain paragraphs and do not over-length it. Make it a short and sweet one.

• Make the closing part very strong by again mentioning the name of the recommended person and make it affirmative.

• Lastly, use formal greeting like yours thankfully, faithfully, sincerely, best regards and write the name beneath with a sign using a blue or black ink after printing the page. Make sure the entire letter is a one-page document.

Hence, the process of writing a recommendation letter is completed with the above instructions to be followed.


How to write a letter to a friend? A friendly letter is the very traditional form of writing to friends as there are many other sources available these days to communicate with friends.

No formalities are required however here and you can mention what all you want to without thinking much. You can also surprise your friends by writing them a letter as these days very few choose this mode of communication. Let’s go in the detailed procedure.

  1. On the top left corner of the page write the date in a particular format like May 3, 2015, including the month, date and year.
  2. Use greeting like Dear and state the name also or just say simply Hello. As you are writing to your friend, you need not be very formal.
  3. Then in the next paragraph, start writing whatever you want to convey or share with your friend. Make them feel special and write in forms of paragraphs. You can use your way of expressing and use symbols, abbreviations and other shortcuts here. Give details about what’s happening in your life or any other personal details. It will anyhow be between you both.
  4. After writing for about 2-3 paragraphs, come to the closing of the letter. Address words like hope to hear from you soon and end u writing lots of love, best wishes, your dearest friend, etc. at the left side of the page and write your name beneath.
  5. It gets easy to express more in letters than any other means of communication. You can also add your own personal words and end the letter. No source of any format I needed.

Hence, to summarize the process of writing a friendly letter is completed allowing you to write in simple terms and post the letter to your friends and surprise them.


How to write a complaint letter? It is always advisable to sort of the issues by direct communication. But, in case the direct communications does not work.

Then you can write a complaint letter following certain key words to be mentioned and follow a particular format. This should be in a formal way. Go ahead to learn the necessary elements.

To start with, mention the problem you are facing and be specific with the words for the reason of writing. Also, mention the result you are expecting.

Apart from this, also include the dates like when the issue occurred or if you are writing related to goods when the goods are purchased. Be generative enough to also write what all actions you have taken to solve the problem and what all you can do if the seller or the recipient cannot help you with the problem.

Do not be over demanding. It’s better to always be in a requesting frame. This would help the reader to have a mind of helping you. Now further go with asking the time the help will be provided an also ask for a response.

If you have any copy to be attached, you can attach the document in the email or if posting, then attach a copy of the invoice, bill, receipt or any other at the back of the page securing them carefully.

Make sure your write the complaint in paragraphs making sure there are no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Follow the key words as write a letter by ending with formal greetings and with your name signed beneath using a blue or black ink.

Hence, the detailed way of writing a complaint letter with instructions guided is completed.


How to write a business letter? Writing of a business letter follows a particular style and format. Every detail in the letter starts with the left side of the page aligned under the same line.

The first thing to do to get started is to write the date on the left side of the page following the month, day, and year format like March 3, 2015.

Then under it mention the sender’s full address along with contact details. Next, comes giving the insider address details. Mention the full details here and contact details as well.

After done, make sure you give a formal greeting salutation by addressing dear sir/madam with a colon at the end or mention the name if you know. Make sure there are no spelling errors and follow the format neatly and precisely.

Begin with the body text by writing the details like to why you are writing, what are you expecting , and you can also choose to give examples in order to enhance your information.

That is allowed and make sure you write a short and sweet message in Para, not including 4-5 sentences in each paragraph. Then comes the call of action that means the closing part.

Mention clearly and boldly what you are expecting from the reader and what will you do if action is taken further. Once done, greet with best regards, yours faithfully, sincerely or just saying thanking you with a space of 4-5 for signing and mention your name.

Make sure you sign near your name in the provided space using a blue or black ink and in case you have any carbon copy or enclosure use them at the end.


The article about writing a letter using different formats and reasons is completed with proper instructions to follow up. Keep in touch for how to write a cover letter for a job and also how to write a cover letter for a resume.

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