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How to Make Jello Shots

JELLO SHOTS is one of the most creative ways to serve drinks at a party. You can serve but you need to know about how to make jello shots?. It looks colorful, attractive and innovative.

The taste of the jelly shots depends on your fingertips. Starting with the regular Jello shots, there are different ways of making jelly shots adding options totally of your choice.

It is simple yet delicious and helps you to spin out the hidden creativity inside you. Now hosting a party becomes simpler by making Jello shots at your home and serving them in the party.

It’s up to you to reveal the secret recipes of making delicious Jello shots with your friends. Here, I am sharing the simple and easy ways of making Jello Shots.

How to make Jello shots?

Hello, friends. Welcome to the tutorial part of making Jello shots. It is easy and simple to make. All you need to do is just follow my instructions carefully. Let’s get started.


Method for making 32 1-ounces (30 ml shots)

– Collect all the ingredients you need to make the Jello shots. You need 16-oz Jello packs, 3 cups of water and choice of alcohol one cup.

– Next thing is gently mixed water and alcohol depending upon the ratio of the alcohol you use. Let me also describe the ratios is details;

 How to make Jello shots boil

· 13 oz. – 30-50 ratio of alcohol with 3 OZ water

· 10 oz. – 80-100 ratio of alcohol with 6 OZ water

· 6 oz. – 150-200 ratio of alcohol with 10 OZ water.

Note: 3 OZ = 6tbsp or 90 ml; 6 OZ = 12 tbsp. or 180ml; 10 OZ = 20tbsp. or 300ml

– Mix the water and alcohol in a container properly and refrigerate the mix to chill before jumping on the next step. The temperature you set is also important to know. Set it at 78.6 degrees C 173 degree F. make sure the alcohol is chilled while mixing with the water or else the alcohol evaporates and the Jello shots doesn’t get the perfect taste.

– Boil the alcohol and boil more than one cup of water to evaporate.

– Now exactly measure 1 cup of boiling water and gently mix it with the Jello powder. Make sure there are no lumps formed so keep mixing the water while adding the Jello powder continuously until it is dissolved properly.

– Now take out the chilled water and alcohol mixture and stir properly.

– Now take small cup-shaped glasses and spray the inside of the glass with cooking spray in order to slide the Jello out later.

– Using a spoon or stirrer, pour the mixture into the glasses and stir again.

– Place the Jello shots cups in a tray and chill them in the refrigerator. Do not freeze again. Make sure you remove the shots from the fridge 2 minutes before serving. Serve chill and enjoy the party.

Your Jello shots are ready to serve. Be the party star by making the Jello shots and serving them in the party.

How to make Jello Layered shots?

Jello layered shots are more colorful and it allows you to choose various flavor combinations. It only takes about 10 minutes to make it and different layers of gradient effects can be created. Layer by layer the shots are formed and that is why its name layered shots.

 How to make Jello Layered shots?


– Take a Jello powder packet of 3 OZ of each different color.

– Follow the above recipe of making the Jello shot mixture. Similarly, make three different colors of Jello shot mixtures.

– Now take the small cup glass and fill one color Jello mixture one-third of the glass. Let the Jello set completely.

– After the first color is set, add the second layer by pouring the second color in the same cup. Fill the cup with the second layer two-third portion.

– Let the second layer set properly along with the first layer.

– Repeat the third layer in a similar way and set all the three layers to set.

– The layered Jello shots should be set properly and served chill. It is easy, delicious and innovative to make and serve layered Jello shots to your guests in your party.

How to make sugar free Jello shots?

A single shot of Jello Shot has 35 calories. This is not healthy for a sugar patient or even for normal people. Don’t be disappointed, as you can still have Jello shots made sugar free. Follow the below instructions to make Sugar Free Jello shots:

How to make sugar free Jello shots?

Sugar-Free Jello Shots:


3- Jello Sugar-free gelatin packs, 24 ounces boiling water, 9 ounces cold water and 15 ounces cold vodka.


– Take the boiling water and the mix the Jello powder in the water and stir properly until the Jello Sugar-Free Gelatin is dissolved properly.

– Add the cold water and Vodka equally and mix the liquid with the stirrer.

– Let the mixture cool for some time and once cooled, pour the mixture in about 28 shot glasses and store in the fridge. Do not refrigerate it. You can replace vodka with any other alcohol brand. The choice is yours.

– Remove the Sugar Free Jello shots from the fridge 2 minutes before serving as it is to be served chilled. Jello shots looks attractive in shot glasses and serve the delicious Jello shorts ready in 30 minutes of time and it takes only 5 minutes to prepare.


Vodka Jello shots are delicious to taste. It is fun to boost with amazing bright color. Made of half Jello and half vodka, it is easy to make and serve at the party. You can make unlimited drinks and it hardly takes much time.

Vodka Jello shots are the best thing to make and serve if you make a sudden party plan. The recipe is also very simple and easy to make.

If you have no mood to party outside and if you are a home party freak and is confused what to serve your guests? Follow the instructions below to make the best Vodka Jello shots in span of few minutes and serve your guest.


– Jello powder mix – large pack

– 1 cup boiling water

– ¾ cup vodka any brand.

– Shot glasses.

Method of making Vodka Jello shots:

– Take a container and open the box of Jello mix in the container.

– Microwave one cup of water for 2 minutes or boil the water on the stove.

– Add the Jello powder mix and stir well until the Jello powder is dissolved. Make sure there are no lumps formed and the powder is dissolved completely.

– Allow the mix to cool for about 15 minutes and then later after cooling, add ¾ cup of Vodka and stir the mix again. Make sure you add chilled vodka.

– Now fill the mix in the glasses or any other mold you want and fill the only ¾ of the mold or glass.

– Allow the mixture to set for about one hour in the refrigerator and the mixture sets in the form of the gel.

– Now your Vodka Jello shots are ready to have. Serve chill.

Isn’t it easy to make Vodka Jello shots at your home in just 20minutes of time? The delicious vodka shots are fun to make and amazing to taste. It adds galore to your party and you can use any quality of Vodka available in the market.

No need of sticking to any particular brand. You can keep changing the brands every time you make or for better make different brands of vodka Jello shots. Get ready to slurp the shots and have fun continuing the party.

How long it takes to make Jello shots?

Hello! Are you planning to host a party tonight and is confused how much time it takes to make the delicious Jello shots? Here are all the answers to your worries. Making Jello shots does not take much time. Relax! Generally, it takes about 2-3 hours for the Jello shots to set up properly.

If you have that much time then it’s great and there is nothing to worry about. Your party will be fun to host and a remarkable one. But, if you’re running out of time and have hardly one hour of time and you expect your guests to come in an hour, then you need to buckle up.

All you need to do is raise the temperature of your freezer, and set the size of the shot according to the temperature. Try taking small shot glasses as it takes much time to set if the quantity is more. Alcohol also takes a little time to set.

But, you need not worry as preparing the mix takes only about 5 minutes, but the setting process takes more of time. Increase the temperature and the Jello shots will start getting set in an hour and do not open the doors of the fridge again and again.

How to make strong Jello shots?

Jello shots are delicious to taste and a perfect combo along with some pizza, burgers get-together. A simple Jello shot is not that strong and is weak. It’s good to taste but a strong Jello shot is just wow to word it. Of course, it’s not harmful unless you set a limit.

Jello shots from being simple and easy to make can also be made strong. The best part of strong Jello shots is that it doesn’t take much time to set in the refrigerator. Everything follows ups the same in making a Jello shot but what differs is adding more quantity of alcohol toke it strong.

You can take about the equal amount of cups of liquid as in 3cups liquid per 3 Oz box of Jelly powder. You can also use Sugar-Free Gelatin Jello powder mix, all depends on your choice.

Do not over consume as the strong Jello shots taste strong and the alcohol content is added extra when compared to normal Jello shots. It’s better to know the drinking sphere of your Guests and make the Jello shots stronger accordingly.

It’s fun to have one or two shots if you are in the limit stage but over consuming can spoil your mood at the party and be the host you would not wish for that. The recipe of making strong Jello shots is similar and just the ratio of adding alcohol differs.

Again it also depends on the brand of the alcohol you choose. Alcohol has different brands both rough and smooth. Choosing the taste makes your Jello shot more delicious.

How to make Jungle Juice?

JUNGLEE JUICE is a punch of fruits and alcohol famous among the teenagers and you can make your own jungle juice. It is fun and easy to make. You can choose your own fruits and choice of alcohol to make jungle juice.

I am sharing 4 ways of making delightful jungle juice ready to serve your guests at a party. The ingredients are different but the method is same for all.

How to make Jungle Juice?

Vodka Jungle juice:


· 1 liter of Vodka, 1 bottle of peach schnapps, 1 pint of Bacardi Rum, 1 bottle of apple-flavored schnapps, 10 bottles of sprite, 33OZ Sunny Delight, 33 OZ Triple Sec, 60 OZ Gin, 1 bottle of sour apple schnapps, 4 bottles Boone’s farm Strawberry Hill Wine, 34 OZ Hawaiian Punch, 2 containers of orange juice, 6 diced apples, 3 sliced oranges and 1 sliced lemon.

Strawberry watermelon Jungle juice:


· 34 0z ever clear, 25 OZ bottles watermelon schnapps, 25 oz. bottles strawberry schnapps, 3 containers strawberry lemonade mix, 1 watermelon, 1 strawberry box.

Lemonade jungle juice:


· 2 bottles vodka, 4 cans Country Time Pink Lemonade mix, 2 cans ginger ale, 3 diced lemons and 3 cups ice.

Orange Jungle juice:


· 25 oz. Vodka bottles, 1 bottles of white Rum 25 OZ, 2 gallons Sunkist, 46 Oz cans fruit punch, 4 quarts pink lemonade, 4 quarts orange and Pineapple juice blend, 4 diced oranges, 4 diced lemons and 2 cups pineapple chunks.

Method of preparation:

– Dice all the fruits mentioned in the ingredients properly.

– After dicing, mix all the ingredients in a bowl and together mix the alcohol ingredients in a large bowl so that nothing falls down on the surface and gets a waist.

– Use a big spoon to stir the ingredients and allow the fruits to soak the alcohol in the bowl. Gently mix the ingredients, do not overdo it.

– Now leave the bowl for 2-3 hours of time and then later, add the other sliced fruits mentioned in the ingredients from the top. Allow it to float.

– Take the glass in which you want to serve your jungle juice. Wipe it clean and pour the jungle juice in the glass. Do not dip the cup, use a pouring spoon.

– Your jungle juice provided by your choice is ready to serve. Serve chill.

If possible, try all the above-mentioned ways of jungle juice. It tastes delicious and the blend of fruits along with the varieties of alcohol makes it yummier.

How to make Tequila Jello shots?

Try making tequila Jello shots at the party hosted by you. It tastes delicious as well as it is easy to make. Not much time and attention is required to make the tequila Jello shots.

Using different types of liquor and different types of Jello gelatins is what makes the Jello shots different. Not taking much time, here is the detailed recipe of making Tequila Jello shots:

How to make Tequila Jello shots?


· Jello powder mix of your choice, tequila, boiling water.


– Take a bowl and dissolve the Jello powder mix along with the boiling water. Stir the water properly until the Jello powder mix dissolves completely.

– Now add cold water and tequila. Take equal proportionate of water and tequila. One cup is enough but if you want to add more or less, you can go ahead. But make sure the ratio is 1:1 as any changes in the measuring will not allow the mixture to set properly.

– Now, put the mixture in the glass or container and allow it to set in the refrigerator. Do not open the fridge again and again and allow the shot to set without disturbing.

– It takes few hours and hurrays, your tequila Jello shot is ready to slurp. Serve chill and let it be in the fridge if you have some time to serve. Do not put in the refrigerator again after setting is done. Just simply place in the normal fridge at normal temperature.

Hurray, the tutorial of making Jello shots is completed and tries following the instructions to make yummy and delicious Jello shots with different varieties at your home in less time and easy way.

Make your party a hit by serving the amazing Jello shots to your guests and having the options to choose the taste of yours and your guests at the party.

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