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How to be pretty without makeup

How to be pretty? Pretty means looking good and beautiful to everyone. Being pretty depends on your character. Mainly, you must concentrate on your figure. You should create a different style to look pretty.

Looking pretty is most important for all the girls. Good look will give you prettiness. This is most important for all the girls who want to look pretty. It will be based on the personal character of a girl. The personality is also main thing to look a girl pretty. In this way you should manage your health in a good manner. You should follow these steps to become pretty.

How to be pretty

· You should take the best care of your skin.

· Concentrate on your dental health.

· Try to maintain your hair as good.

· Take the best care for your health.

· Maintain nice makeup.

· Wear nice clothes, with that clothes you look flattering to others.

· Keep smiling with the nice look.

Follow all these points and then you look pretty for others.

How to look pretty?

To look pretty, you must be looking good. Looking pretty depends on the person’s physical beauty and mental beauty. You should have very nice colour, good skin, nice body, height and personality. You can search in internet to look pretty. Then try to follow some tips to look pretty.

How to be pretty little liars

· Try to maintain your skin soft and glow.

· Apply little makeup with the nice colour of the lipstick.

· Your eyes must be sharp and lightening.

· Apply pink blush to your cheeks.

· Wear good looking clothes.

· Your hair must be shiny and soft.

· Your hair must be bouncing and do keep maintain good hair style.

· Your eye liner must be brownish and dark.

· Wear little jewellery which suits your clothes.

Follow all these points now you can easily flatter a boy by looking pretty. Always try to maintain smile on your face and you should be pretty.

How many seasons of pretty little liars?

Seasons of pretty little liars are totally seven. This is a TV show and it is premiered on ABC Family on the date 8th June, 2010. This show was created by the person Marlene King. This pretty little liar’s show has 7 seasons.

This series is based on the Pretty Little Liars book series. This book is written by Sara Shepard. This seven series contains the lives of teenage girls. There are four members and those names are Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Spencer Hastings. These four members friends are strangers and their darkest secrets are about to unravel. Here in this series the leader of the four girls is Alison DiLaurentis. She will disappear and then clique falls.

how to be attractive

After one year, a mysterious figure will send messages to the remaining three friends with the name “A”. This person threatens the girls to expose their secrets which are only known by Alison. After finishing 10 episodes, ABC Family was ordered some more episodes that are 12 episodes for season one. Pretty Little Liars second season of 24 episodes are picked up by ABC Family. It was started on 14th June, 2011.

A special episode Halloween-themed was announced in June and it is also a part of ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween line-up. This special episode increased the episodes from 24 to 25. After ABC Family has renewed the series for a third season of Pretty Little Liars and this contained 24 episodes. Then also ABC Family renewed the next series of fourth season for Pretty Little Liars and this has 24 episodes. Like that ABC Family renewed the series for a fifth, sixth and seventh seasons.

How to be pretty Tumblr?

To get the pretty Tumblr look, you have to do some works. Pretty Tumblr is the different look and it will give happiness to others when they watch you. Physical beauty and mental beauty both are very important for this. You must have good personality.

 If you have the best personality then you have to manage some things. To be pretty Tumblr you have to follow different styles with your body. Develop your own style to be pretty Tumblr. Wear good and comfortable clothes which gives you nice look and that must be different and unique.

Don’t worry about brands and all. Try to wear unique dresses and they must be good looking. Add some accessories to your dresses which gives rich look and in that you must be pretty Tumblr.

To get different look you should shop in boutiques shop stores. There you will get unique designs and different accessories. You should follow trends which changes every time. It will give you great look and also you should try your own trend. Try to create your style and trend.

By this you must be looks pretty Tumblr. Wear casual wear but in that also you must look different. For that you should do what you want to do. This will gives you a different look for you. So follow all these points to look pretty Tumblr.

How to be popular?

If you want to be popular then you have number of ways. Mostly to get popularity you must be good in something. If you look great then you should be popular. In this way you must be good. Your personality must be good and pleasant. To get popular then you have to do some works for that. For example,

how to be popular

· You must be confident on yourself.

· Make conversations with people and play some fun and jokes to get popular.

· You should maintain your own style. By this also you will get popularity.

· Try to look different and you should take risks to become popular.

· Try to take care of people and you can do some social service.

· Doing social service is the best idea to get popularity.

· You will become popular quickly when you will do social services to the public.

· Try to be friendly with all the people behind you. And maintain the friendship with people.

· Don’t be rude to people and you should be smart in all things.

· Help to others without any intension. This will give you more popularity.

By doing all these things and follow all these tips then you will be popular in less time. These all will work out when you will do this honestly.

How to be attractive?

If you want to be attractive then you must be good looking. Attracting a person is very easy. You should take care of your body. Eat proper food and maintain good look. You must look different to get attractive.

Then you must look attractive when you are in group of people. Your status will give attraction for you. Good style also gives you rich look and you should look attractive. Try to maintain healthy lifestyle and do little makeup on your face. Wear good clothes and maintain diet in your food.

Daily exercise and meditation is most important to get your attractive physic. In appearance, you should get attractive. The way of looking is main point for a girl to get attraction from the people. So you should follow all these points and try to look attractive.

In this way you must work hard. You should carry good makeup products with you. When you feel tired then you just wash your face and do little makeup. Then the fresh look will come back to your face and you look attractive to everyone. You can also follow these simple steps to be attractive.

· You can attract with your physical beauty.

· Try to take care of your body figure and structure.

· You can attract people with your good heart.

· Play some funny jokes then people will laugh and you must get some attraction.

· Smile a lot because research has found that people become more attractive to others when they smile. So flash those pearly whites as often as possible to look prettier, as well as friendlier and more approachable.

How to be skinny?

Heavy weight is very dangerous for health. If you want to lose your weight then you should follow some tips to look pretty. You should set your goal to lose weight in particular days. The persons who are slim they will be healthy and they will be active. So losing weight is a good idea but to do that you should work hard. And you should follow some tips which are provided for you below:

· You should maintain food diet. Avoid all junk and fat foods to eat. Take healthy food and low calories contained food. By this you can lose your weight.

· Fats are very dangerous for the body. So, eat proper food and also try to take less food in 4 to 5 times. Don’t take heavy food 2 to 3 times. This will best idea to lose your weight in short time.

· Drink more water and take liquids daily as much as possible.

· Daily exercise and yoga are mandatory to lose weight.

· Firstly check your weight and set your goal to reduce the starting weight.

· Workouts are most important to reduce weights. This is very hard to do but it will give you good result in short time. So you must do this to be skinny.

· Meditation is also important to concentrate on your goal. Do you have any problem ton controlling to eat your fat food items then you must need meditation. This will helps you to reach your goal.

· You should check your visual impact day by day. If you find any changes in your body, it means you are nearby your target. To get skinny and also you should look good then you need resistance training.

· Running will give an excellent result to be skinny. And you look fit and fabulous. This is a very good way to get skinny.

· Early morning jogging will help to get skinny. This also a guaranteed way to get skinny.

How to be pretty without makeup?

To look pretty without makeup is little difficult but not impossible. Without makeup you want to be pretty then you should follow some rules. Looking pretty is very important for every girl. You can use natural items to glow your body.

To look pretty then you must be good looking and your personality must be pleasant. So you have to shine your body with natural products. To glow your skin you should use turmeric powder. Apply Gram flour to your body then it will make soft your skin.

You should wear good clothes to look pretty. Always remember that you should follow the way of looking is very good and straight. Wear good clothes and you must be comfortable in that dress. Smile is main important to look pretty.

Dress and smile gives a person to look pretty. So try to manage these things then makeup is secondary. If you don’t want to use makeup then follow these two things. Then you should be looking pretty. But the major point is that your colour must be good and your face should be fair. Then automatically you look pretty without makeup also. So this is depends on your body figure and personality.

How to be pretty with Makeup?

Makeup is the very common thing for girls to look good. In makeup almost girls will look pretty. But the way of applying makeup is very important. For this makeup, you have the major thing called practise.

If you are perfect in applying makeup then you will look pretty with the makeup. But it is difficult to apply makeup. You must know the skin type and all makeup products. Now a day, all are applying makeup easily and all products are available in market. So, it has become very easy to buy and use.

In your body, each and every part has makeup items. To look sharp with your eyes then use mascara, eye lash, eyebrow pencil. For your lips to shine then you should apply lip stick, lip gloss, lip liners etc.

For your skin there are number of items like blush, make up creams, foundation, makeup powder etc. We have number of hairstyles. So try all these and wear good looking clothes and you will be comfortable in that clothes. Wear matching jewellery with good clutch or hand purse etc. Then you will look pretty with makeup. In this way you must be good looking and gorgeous.

How to be pretty in middle school?

Middle school is the best place to show off your prettiness. Almost all the girls are beautiful. If you also look beautiful then you can show your prettiness. To be pretty then you must follow some tips to be pretty. For that you should manage your body well.

You have to do exercise daily. This is the good age to maintain your body structure well. In this way you have to follow good healthy tips. For example, you should eat healthy and protein food. Avoid all junk food like cakes, cool drinks, ice creams, bakery foods and all.

Try to wear good clothes, in that you should look pretty. If you wear school dress then also you should look pretty in that. For that you must apply little makeup and little matching jewellery etc.

You should have good hairstyle and matching nail polish. Always try to smile and your skin should be glowing when you smile. Use all these tips and then you will be pretty in the middle school. This a very attractive stage to get your look pretty.

How to be Prettier?

Being pretty is very simple for girls. Almost all the girls are beautiful. In this way beauty makes girls to be pretty. Pretty word has number of definitions. The definition depends on their thoughts.

Everyone has different ideas about pretty like beauty, colour, good look, good figure, nice hairstyle etc. Depending on all these they will characterize about pretty. So being pretty depends on their choice. And also it will depend on the opposite persons that who are watching you. If you want to be prettier then you have to follow some points.

· You have to take care of your body.

· Try to eat healthy food and avoid fat foods and all.

· Daily exercise is necessary for your body.

· Take care of your skin and do regular makeup.

· Use good and healthy products for regular makeup.

· Maintain good figure and good structure for your body.

· Get your look right off your body.

· Maintain good hairstyle and dressing should be neat and good looking.

· Take care of your nails and apply the good colour of nail polish.

Try to follow all these tips then you will definitely look prettier.

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