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Top 10 biggest Dog in the world You Don’t Know

The biggest dog in the world or worlds biggest dog collection today we are sharing with you, After share about Beautiful Albino Animals now we are talking about this. Dogs are pet animals that we usually see at many of our homes and even many love to have one as their pet.

There are different varieties of all across the world not only used as pets but also for guarding, hunting etc. Some love to have specific breed of dogs and some look for bigger for various purposes. Whatever it may be dog are always our favorite pets.

10 worlds biggest dog in the world You Don’t Know

This time we have come up with the top 10 biggest dog in our world as many people wanted to know about those as they are not aware of them. As if you are here, you would also be searching for the same. To about those top 10 biggest dog of the world, you need to go through the below list of biggest dog in the world.

1. Kuvasz

Kuvasz is the largest of the dog breeds present in the world and it is white in color. It has a dense double coat. One of the interesting things about this Kuvasz is that, it is known to be as one of the intelligent present in the world and it also has the clownish sense of humor too. Actually, Kuvasz is an olden Hungarian dog breed which is mainly used for guarding for the livestock functions. But, it is not that bulky and robust as the Swiss mountain but it is still the large dog of the world.

worlds biggest dog in the world

2. Cane Corso

Cane Corso is also one of the popular Italian breeds in the world. This dog breed is closely related to Neapolitan mastiff but slightly smaller than Neapolitan mastiff. This dog looks to have the well muscled than the Neapolitan mastiff and it weighs nearly 90 to 110 pounds. The height of the dog would be about 28 inches. It is the most famous dog which is used for hunting and guarding propose. The life span of this do breed is around 10 to 12 years.

worlds biggest dog in the world

3. Akbash

This is also one of the biggest dog breeds which are native to the western turkey. It was used primarily as a guarding dog for livestock and also as a shepherd. The height of Akbash ranges from 27 to 34 inches and it weighs around 75 to 140 pounds. This is leaner and sometimes looks taller than the other Turkish guarding breeds. It has medium white double coat and sometimes with light color markings on the ears. The life span of Akbash is in between 10 to 11 years.

worlds biggest dog in the world

4. Landseer

Landseer is also one of the biggest dog in the world and it is the most well known dog to those rescue drowning people, sweet disposition, gentleness and serenity etc. It looks similar to Newfoundlands which is in black and white variant. The height of this dog is 32 inches and it weighs around 180 pounds. One of the coolest thing about this is that, they love swimming and even responsive and quicker than the Newfoundlands.

worlds biggest dog in the world

5. Kangal

It is very popular breed among the dog as it claims to be calm, powerful, independent, and protective and a controlled dog. But, when socialized it will become a good friend to children and others too. These are known to be faster and they can reach 30 miles in an hour. Height of this male Kangals is 30 to 32 inches with weight about 145 pounds. On the other hand female Kangal is having the height 28 to 20 inches with 120 pounds of weight.

worlds biggest dog in the world

6. Dogue de Bordeaux

This is known to be one of the most powerful and very muscular dog breeds. It is the ancient French dog breeds. This dog breeds are not as tall as others but male Dogue de Bordeaux weighs about 150 pounds. One interesting thing to be noted about this dog is that it can used for work for various occasions i.e., for pulling heavy objects or carts or for guarding castles etc. The life span of these is only 5 to 6 years which seems to be very short life span than other.

7. Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta is the ancient breed which is one of the largest and popular in Pakistan and so they are also called as Pakistani Mastiff. This dog is mainly the descendent of the extinct Alaunt and it is available in large numbers as they friendly, quiet in nature and is trainable. They are mainly seen in white color but also few other colors such as brown, black, brindle and fawn etc. The height of this 35 inches which weights very high i.e., 210 pounds.

8. Greater Swiss Mountain

This is another biggest does of the top 10 biggest dog in the world. These are having the great physical strength and they are heavy bounded. Greater Swiss mountains are capable of performing all sorts of farm duties. This is the largest as well as the oldest dog breeds. Male dog’ of this breed is having the height of about 30 inches long and it weighs nearly 150 pounds. These are mainly from Swiss Alps. They are said to be one of the intelligent, happiest and sociable dog breeds in the world with strong affinity towards children and other people.

9. Dogo Argentino

This dog breed is mostly found in Argentina and they are mainly used for the purpose of hunting. This is known to be the muscular and the heavy dog which is having the short amount of white coat. The most interesting thing about this dog is that they are nearly 30 inches in height and weight around 120 pounds.

10. Tibetan mastiff

Last, but not least Tibetan mastiff is an ancient breed which is known to be one of the biggest dog in the world with heavy muscles and large body. These are originally bred by nomadic cultures of Nepal, China, Tibet and Central Asia, the Tibetan mastiff. They are dark and thick coated. The name of these are misleading as they are not mastiff and the better name for these would be the Tibetan mountain. Males of t his breed is having the height of 83 inches and weigh in between 100 to 160 pounds. But, there are also few overweighed that are commonly seen. This is known to be the best guardian in the Tibet and so it has the ability for confronting the predators which are having the size of wolves and leopards.


These are the top 10 biggest dog that are in the world and many of us do not know about them. Hope, now you found those biggest doges in the world that you wanted to know.

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