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How to Get a Bigger Dick?

Having a bigger size really matters for men because, in reality, women will always love men who have a big manhood size. Even if they are not saying it directly, believe us, every woman will prefer to have a man who has a big manhood.

The reason why they love it is because a bigger manhood means greater pleasure for them in bed. Because of that, many men are eager to do anything as long as they can get what their women want them to.

Unfortunately, many men are using unsafe treatments to get big penis. As the result of using bad treatments, they do not have huge manhood sizes like they want.

How to Get a Bigger Dick?

Looking at the experience that many men have faced, if you want to enlarge your manhood size, you need to be careful in choosing the treatment.

Moreover, we also need to inform you that it is possible to enlarge your manhood size. It is not a myth. However, you need to know how to do it properly, because if you do not do it properly, you will not see any results at all.

If you want the answer to “how do I get a big dick?”, then we suggest you seek the answer in this article. We will show you many great things about how to get a larger and permanent manhood size.

How to Get a Bigger Dick with Food

Actually, many people only believe you can get a bigger and longer size by using a surgery treatment, whereas, you are also able to get a better manhood size by consuming the proper foods.

With consuming proper food, you can get a harder manhood. The harder manhood will make you give more pleasure to your spouse in bed.

Here are some top-notch foods that you should eat if you want to take real role in bed with your spouse:

1. Cocoa products

Cocoa is great for improving your erection. You will erect harder than usual if you consume cocoa. Actually, it is better if you are able to consume raw cocoa. However, if it is hard to find, any cocoa product will do.

Why is cocoa able to improve your erection?

Cocoa contains a nitric oxide substance, which improves your blood circulation, especially inside of your vital organ.
Cocoa also has a special substance which can expand your blood vessels. That is the reason why you have bigger manhood size when you consume this food.
2. Garlic

Yes, many of you must not want to eat garlic because it will make your breath smell. Unfortunately, if you want to have a bigger erection, garlic could be your best partner.

Why does garlic improve your erection?

Garlic has a special substance that can be used as a testosterone booster. The higher testosterone level you have influences your erection.
Garlic is also able to improve your blood circulation by about 15%. The bigger blood circulation you have means the bigger erection you’ll get.

3. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a fruit that has amazed many people. This fruit has really great substances inside, especially for the cardiovascular system and testosterone production.

Why pomegranate improves your erection:

Pomegranate can be called nature’s Viagra because this fruit contains nitric oxide, which improves the blood circulation inside of your body.
Pomegranate also has a big antioxidant substance inside. The antioxidant substance improves the testosterone production inside your body.

4. Spinach

You’ve seen Popeye gain more strength after eating spinach, and that is not fiction. It is true that spinach improves your strength because spinach has many great substances.

Moreover, spinach also has a big influence on your erection. If you do not believe it, just try consuming it before you start playing with your spouse in bed.

Why is spinach able to improve your erection?

Spinach has a really big amount of nitrate substances. Nitrates will be converted into nitric oxide inside of your body. The nitric oxide is a special substance that improves blood circulation.
Besides having many nitrate substances, spinach also has many minerals and vitamins. Both minerals and vitamins are used to build testosterone inside of your body.

5. Raw walnuts

We believe that most of you know that nuts boost your erection. However, raw walnuts are the best nuts for improving your manhood.

Why is raw walnut able to improve your erection?

Consuming 6 to 8 raw walnuts drops your blood pressure about 10 points.
Raw walnut have L-Arginine substance.

How to Get a Bigger Dick with Exercise

Besides consuming proper food, you can also improve your manhood size by doing some exercises. Actually, some of you might still not believe doing exercises will improve your manhood size.

Here are some exercises which help improve your sex life:

1. Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is great, not only for improving your stamina, but also to reduce the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

2. Yoga

Even though yoga is not a common exercise, this exercise is great to improve your sex life. If you can maintain doing yoga frequently, you will have clearer mind. With a clearer mind, you should be able to give more pleasure to your spouse in bed.

3. Kegel

Kegel exercises are not only good for women. Kegels are also good for men. That’s because if you do them frequently, you improve not only your manhood size, but are also able to stay longer in bed.

Use a Special Tool to Help Improve Your Manhood Size
Yes, you can get a bigger boner using natural methods. However, you need to be patient because you will need to wait to see the results.

Luckily, you are able to boost the results by using a perfect tool. The tool gives you not only longer, but also bigger size.

Sizegenetics is a special extender tool that helps you gain a bigger and longer size. It not only has a good design, which will be very comfortable and safe to wear, but it is also made using medical grade material. Beside of that, it is also easy to use.

Many men who had sexual problems have tried using it and most of them have successfully gained a better sexual life. If you want to experience the same result as other people, then you should try using this tool.

We believe that with choosing proper food to consume, doing proper exercise, and wearing this tool frequently, you will be amazed with your own manhood size later.

So, why are you waiting? Now is the time for you to prepare a special gift for your spouse when you ask her to play in bed.

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